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Peaches & Cream

Perfect for those with blue / brown eyes

Perfect for fair skin

Adds warm and subtle colour

Heathers & Berries

Perfect for those with green / hazel eyes

Perfect for Asian skin tones

Perfect for darker skin tones

How to choose the right set for you

There are 2 colour palettes used in my make-up method, Heathers and Berries and Peaches and Creams. The first thing we look at is the colour of your eyes, which along with the colour/tone of your skin, determines which palette is best for you.

Within each palette are 4 eye colours plus contour, blush and lip colours that belong in the same colour scope as the eye shades. You match your make-up to your skin not your clothes so the palette you will buy will contain the only colours you will ever need.

As a general rule of thumb, the Heathers and Berries range is perfect if you have green eyes. The shades in this palette will make the colour of your eyes stand out like an emerald. Or if you have sallow skin, Asian, of colour or East Asian, the Heathers and Berries shades will brighten the face and eyes.

The Peaches and Creams range is best suited for blue and brown eyes and fairer skin tones. Peaches and Creams will give you a softer, more natural look.

Choosing the right colours is the most important thing.
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The trick is to keep it simple and get rid of the stuff you don’t use. You should be able to put your full kit into one small makeup bag! I know, it’s a bit scary but it works

— Jo Jewett

The Complete Sets

Peaches Cream Colour 19Complete Sets
Peaches & Cream | The Complete Set

Heathers Berries Colour 21Complete Sets
Heathers & Berries | The Complete Set