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"I've just finished the makeup course online, and i'm loving the natural healthy glow the makeup is giving me!"

- Rachel Peru

Rachel Peru


Eyelids Masterclass Tile 01b 4310 Nov 2020
Eyelids Masterclass

Welcome to my eyelids masterclass. This course covers all aspects of applying eye makeup from choosing your colourscope range, to preparing your eyelids for makeup to how to apply your eye makeup if you wear glasses. Over the course of these lessons, you will gain all the knowledge you need to master your eye makeup. Let's do this make-up thing together. You can view and access the 9 lessons below.

Julie Demo FREE 2411 Mar 2021
Makeover Demos

Follow Jo’s make-up method step by step in these demonstration videos. Jo talks through the products she is using, how and where to apply them, so that you can easily achieve the same look. Full of hints and tips you will learn the best way to apply your make-up to your skin. In the demonstration videos, Jo uses the Peaches and Cream palette on Sharon and Julie and the Heather and Berries palette on Michelle.