Heathers & Berries | Michelle

Follow Jo's step by step make-up method as she uses the Heathers and Berries kit to create a glamorous look for Michelle. The results are beautiful!

Step One | Foundation and EyesThe correct application of concealer and foundation is the first step of any make-up look and the right colour palette will make your eyes stand out.

The Technique

Hydra Lift I Corrector 01Makeup
Hydra-Lift I-Corrector

Compact PERF CANVASS on WHITE 1200Makeup
Age Repair Perfect Canvas SPF30

Heathers Berries Make Up Colours 11Makeup
Make Up Palette | Heathers & Berries

Step Two | Contouring with ColourContouring with colour will accentuate and enhance the beauty of your eyes and give your skin a natural glow.

Step Three | LipsFinish your look with beautiful lips.

Heathers Berries Colour 21
Heathers & Berries | The Complete SetComplete Sets Once you know that Heathers and Berries is the colour palette that for your skin, Heather and Berries will be the only colours you will ever need to buy. You wear your make-up to suit your skin not your clothes. Choose from option 1, option 2 or option 3 that Jo has handpicked for Heathers and Berries complexions.
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