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I've never worn lots of heavy make up but I've definitley had to change my look as I'm ageing. I had fun this morning working my way through the online makeup classes to create a soft 'peaches and cream' look. I've not felt this put together for about 6 months!

— Rachel Peru

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Had a virtual Makeup class with Jo, I loved it so much finally I learned how to use makeup in the right way who’d have thought it at 54. My husband noticed I looked different in a good way but didn’t know what I’d done, that’s what Jo said she wanted. My kids both said I look lovely and I’m now I’m much happier facing my Zoom business meetings. Looking forward to the Eye makeup course, it’s all so exciting and great to be able to watch on repeat. Thanks for everything Jo, I’m buzzing! finally enjoying my makeup and feeling fab at fifty

— Debs L

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Whilst I had been quite comfortable with my make up techniques for some years - suddenly as middle age caught up I wasn't and I couldn't see my eyes anymore! I'd never done anything like this previously, didn't think I needed to, but after seeing Jo on social media, watching her videos and experiencing her warm and embracing personality I knew it was time! She gave me a whole bunch of techniques I'd have never thought of, opened up my eyes, gave me the courage to take a few more eyebrows out (goodness did that make a difference) and so much jolly, caring encouragement to keep at it. She's a complete star and I adore what she does and more importantly how she does it. I will be booking another session once I've perfected my basics. Do it, you won't regret it.

— Sophie Burkart

Meet Jo

After training in Paris at Fabourge St. Honore, Jo Jewett developed her skills as an adviser for numerous worldwide cosmetic companies and finally perfected her skills working as the Chief Make-up Artist for Armani.

From there, Jo became a sought-after celebrity make-up artist & expert trainer with her exclusive skin care and make-up technique, awarding her with an unusual level of loyalty from her clients including Princess Diana, Princess Alexandra, Madonna, Barbra Streisand & Bette Midler.

Jo's motivation comes from years of making women feel confident with their looks throughout life's constant challenges and it all starts with one of her UK wide Masterclassess!

I want you all to have the confidence, knowledge & skill great makeup training brings.
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Eyelids Masterclass

Welcome to my eyelids masterclass. This course covers all aspects of applying eye makeup from choosing your colourscope range, to preparing your eyelids for makeup to how to apply your eye makeup if you wear glasses. Over the course of these lessons, you will gain all the knowledge you need to master your eye makeup. Let's do this make-up thing together. You can view and access the 9 lessons below.

Julie Demo FREE 2411 Mar 2021
Makeover Demos

Follow Jo’s make-up method step by step in these demonstration videos. Jo talks through the products she is using, how and where to apply them, so that you can easily achieve the same look. Full of hints and tips you will learn the best way to apply your make-up to your skin. In the demonstration videos, Jo uses the Peaches and Cream palette on Sharon and Julie and the Heather and Berries palette on Michelle.