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Eye Make­up Masterclass

Wel­come to my eye­lids mas­ter­class. This course cov­ers all aspects of apply­ing eye make­up from choos­ing your colourscope range, to prepar­ing your eye­lids for make­up to how to apply your eye make­up if you wear glass­es. Over the course of these lessons, you will gain all the knowl­edge you need to mas­ter your eye make­up. Let’s do this make-up thing together.You can view and access the 9 lessons below.


Makeover Demos

Fol­low Jo’s make-up method step by step in these demon­stra­tion videos. Jo talks through the prod­ucts she is using, how and where to apply them, so that you can eas­i­ly achieve the same look. Full of hints and tips you will learn the best way to apply your make-up to your skin. In the demon­stra­tion videos, Jo uses the Peach­es and Cream palette on Sharon and Julie and the Heather and Berries palette on Michelle.

One of my aims is to teach and empower women to learn how to apply their own makeup so they can feel truly confident and comfortable in their own skin, whatever their age. Each masterclass will focus on a specific area of makeup application. Once you have purchased a masterclass, you can revisit your account as many times as you would like and repeat the masterclass should you wish. Over the coming months, I will be updating this page with new masterclasses, which is really exciting. Once a new masterclass course is released, it will be available for you to buy.

To access any masterclasses you have purchased, simply log into your Jo Jewett account. The course you have purchased can be found under 'my courses'.

"I've just finished the makeup course online, and i'm loving the natural healthy glow the makeup is giving me!"

Rachel Peru